A short article describing how to avoid animal attack in the wilderness or backyard.

The content can be used by anyone who wishes to travel to remote locations in the jungle, mountains or backyards and will provide some useful tips to follow while traveling.

Wondering about how to protect yourself in the backyard or wilderness? Here are ways you can do so:

1. Double-treat ALL of your outer clothing (and your boots and shoes) with Sawyer Permethrin. When used properly on clothing, ticks often just die when they come in contact with the treated clothes. Sawyer Permethrin is lethal to ticks yet it is safe for humans if applied according to the instructions.

2. Wear a hat treated with Permethrin. Ticks will often drop out of a tree onto your head. If you wear a hat treated with Permethrin, this reduces your risk of being bitten by ticks.

3. Wear long sleeve clothing treated with Permethrin. The idea here is to keep as much of your skin covered as possible.

4. Don’t use the same tick repellant that you use on your skin. When you apply it in concentrated amounts, it can be harmful to ticks.

5. Burn or bury clothing that has been in an infested area. If possible, bag the clothes in a plastic bag before burning or burying them to prevent contamination of other items.

6. When working in the woods or if you are camping, a good pair of boots is a must. Tucking your pants into your socks can help keep ticks from getting on your skin. If you don’t want to tuck them into your socks, use military-style boot blouses.

7. When in an area where ticks are common, exercise good judgment. Do not sit or lie down on the ground or vegetation. Wear long pants and sleeves when possible. Use repellents with DEET (diethyl-meta-toluamide) if exposed to areas where ticks are known to be common.

Although it may be tempting to head out into the wilderness and enjoy nature,

there is a lot of danger that comes along with it. As more people are enjoying their time outdoors,

 more and more people are getting injured or even killed by wild animals. 

We've provided you some tips that will help keep you protected when you're enjoying your time in the back yard or wilderness

Conclusion: There are many ways to protect yourself while in the wilderness or back yard. If you're planning a camping trip, hiking trip, or family gathering in your backyard it's important to be prepared for anything that may come your way. To help you prepare for these trips and outings, we've compiled a list of tips and tricks below on how you can better protect yourself from common outdoor hazards on each trip.